May Memorial Day be your day to REMEMBER HUMAN KINDNESS!

Today is Memorial Day, and for many, it includes a family outing, picnic, hometown parades, and the act of appreciation.  I say act because it takes more than one day a year to appreciate the service(s) of so many who have fought or are willing to fight to defend our freedom.  Sadly, I do not think the elected officials (not all but a large majority,) are not willing to stand up and defend freedom.  Many who were either drafted into service in the past or have chosen to take that path in more recent years are engaged in the American Democracy.  However, we treat most, military personnel with less respect than we seem to give to the Washington Social Circle that is not listening to their constituents.  You and are the constituents, the general public that either voted for or against them.  Whether we chose them with a Yeah or Nay voted they are still entrusted to listen to our wants and needs, and not pursue their own personal glory.

When a civil servant such as those who serve in the Armed Services including the police, firefighters, EMT’s attempt to step out of line they are condemned and yet our Leader(s) are allowed to walk us down the darkened path.


As I said, many will spend the day frolicking at the beaches, or eating in the park, or using the Bar B-Q to make a tasty meal.  However, today is a day that should mean so much more, and we should set an example of compassion, kindness, and respect for each other.  We all have a job to do in life, and we need to pursue dreams, not just ours, unselfishly.

Remember, there is a neighbor, family member, and stranger who is not part of the landscape today.  There are many who are alone, lonely, and do not have the means for a picnic, Bar B Q, or the basic incidentals in life.  Although we may not be able to take care of everyone, we have the obligation to try.


May Memorial Day be your day to REMEMBER HUMAN KINDNESS.

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