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Are you feeling frustrated?  Are you finding that today’s lack of communication through speech one-on-one is complicating life?  If not, I must be alone as I keep hitting obstructions, roadblocks, and have to recircle through the information.


There once was a time when business was conducted more directly, and therefore more smoothly than it appears today.  We are sharing too much information in emails and attachments that people do not read, but they think they have digested the information provided.  Often those emails are written in text format, and that can be confusing as the most important bits and pieces are left out of the dialogue.


Newclevelandradio.net, LLC is beginning it’s third in operation.  When we began, we only accepted payments in check or cash.  This past year due to the request of many we added PayPal.  We do not take credit cards as the cost would eat into any profit we may make, and we are still a growing business with little or no profit at the end of the year.  We are stable in paying our bills and providing a growing service to our clients and listeners; we are extremely excited that we continue to grow and provide our listeners with the information they deserve to hear.


As a communication company, we think it is necessary to have a verbal dialogue with our podcasters and their sponsors.  We believe our podcasters should be kept in the loop with their sponsors as this helps them work together to assist each other.  As a sponsor not only does your business name appear at the beginning and the end of each show (for that particular podcaster), your company receives the opportunity to podcast once a month with us to promote their brand and services.


We try to keep things simple here at newclevelandradio.net, LLC and we encourage you to contact us by phone if you have specific questions.   440-526-1530.

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