What Does Baseball have to do with Easter & Passover

What an exciting weekend. Baseball has returned so it must be Spring. Therefore the snow will begin to melt, and the temperatures will soar, warmth is what I want and need. Not only is it baseball season again but for many, it is Easter as well as Passover.

Historians, as well as many theologians, believe the Last Supper is the Seder, celebrated at Passover (Pesach.) The foods depicted in Spanish painting by the artist known as the Master of Perea, are all items found on the Seder plate. These items include a lamb shank bone (for sacrifice) as well as unleavened bread (Matza). The reason for the unleavened bread has been recorded that the Israelites, The Hebrews, did not have time to let their dough rise as they were being forced out of Egypt, this resulted in an un-leavening process. Also included in the meal was wine and all these plus a few more are now part of the Passover Seder.

Included in the Seder meal are bitter herbs to signify the harshness and cruelty the Egyptians placed upon the Hebrews as well as mixture apples, wine, and nuts, named charosis, that looks like mortar to remind us that when the Israelites were slaves, they painstakingly were the builders for the Pharaoh. In modern times a burnt hard boil egg was added to the plate/meal to symbolize the sacrifices made.

If you look at the artwork of the Master of Perea, there will be no doubt in your mind that the last supper of Jesus was indeed the Seder Meal. The symbolism of this should bring us together and share in the opportunities that life provides us. If we take the time to learn from our past, we can agree to disagree and share in the knowledge that we are all one people despite how we choose to believe. In fact, many individuals could care less that it is baseball season. On the other hand, it is baseball and the traditions that often bring us together to celebrate, cheer, and root for the home team. However, when rooting, remember, we may not come from the same home, so be patient and tolerant unto others so they will be patient and tolerant of your beliefs as well.

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