When Is It My Turn? TODAY

We all have a reason to feel anxious and depressed!  However, the sun did come up this morning, despite the clouds covering it up.  We have a choice to embrace the sunshine whether we see it or not, we can still feel it from within.  It begins with taking care of ourselves!

“When Is It Our Turn?”  Airs every Tuesday from Noon – 1 pm and Terry Tierney and I ask you to support Us and Yourselves in choosing to break through the grey clouds and find the sunshine!  Find the energy you give to others and bestow it upon yourself today, because you must take care of yourself!

You may be the BFF, but who is your BFF?  If you aren’t caring for you, who is?  If you are putting all your time and energy into others are you depleting your reserves.?

I am not suggesting not being a friend, mentor or caring individual, but make sure you leave time for yourself.  Know you need to breathe and if you put all your energy into one or two people you are missing out on life, AS THE WORLD TURNS.

Do not let life pass you by… Do not let others suck you dry!  Sometimes we are our own worst enemy and we have only ourselves to blame.  Join us today and call in and share your thoughts.




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