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For my POPs J Harmon Moss

  Tonight at sundown I will light the memorial candle for my POPS.  Tonight begins the 24 hours of his yarzheit, the anniversary of someone’s death, especially a parent’s, in the Jewish religion.  The remembrance is based on the Hebrew Calendar and not the Georgian Calendar that we typically live each day by.  It was… Read More »

Thanking you

As I end the year and begin a new, I want to thank you the listeners, the podcasters, our sponsors and all my friends and family for allowing me to share with you this past year.  I am looking forward to some new journeys in 2019, and I ask for your support as I Believe… Read More »


It came from out of nowhere – the feeling of something is wrong, but why and what.  Sitting at my desk reviewing Facebook post and emails before heading off to the gym, this wave of ANXIETY hit!  I could feel a low ebbing tidal wave approach, and I got up and said to myself, why… Read More »

Put on a HAPPY face

December 22, 2018, and now the days will begin to feel longer as we will experience more sunlight (daylight) now that the winter solstice has just passed. In years past I had allowed the doom of gloom of darker days change my moods without forethought of controlling the emotions that spring from the change in… Read More »

When a Book Speaks to you

THANK YOU, Charlie Wiener, for a magnificent read – I am 2/3 through the book and although I want to get to the end of it, I don’t want it to end.  Carrie is such a delight despite the fact she doesn’t know how positive and special she is.  However, I want to thank… Read More »

Let Us Help You Organize a House Concert

  Dear Friends: Have you heard of a house concert?  Did you know it’s possible to entertain friends, family and get to know your neighbors in your home (like the good old days) with live professional entertainment?  Although not a new concept it is getting more attention. wants to begin driving this force to… Read More »

A Positive Message

I want to share a positive medical experience with all of you.  Seven years ago, I started wearing hearing aids.  After an ENT Specialist (who will remain un-named) botched my ear surgery when removing a mastoid.  “Although most people with mastoiditis don’t experience serious complications, treatment isn’t always easy and the infection may come back. If the mastoid bone… Read More »

And his name was/is Charlie Eble

Attention one and all…if you knew Charlie Eble, now is your opportunity to share your stories.  May 19, 2019, the Mayor of Saratoga Springs has claimed as Charlie Eble Day.  Look for more information through our website, podcasts and social media outlets.  All I will say at this moment in time, starting next week I… Read More »

Proud to Podcast CARE NOTES

If you have not listened to Care Notes a bi-weekly podcast sponsored by Cherished Companions, I want to recommend that you take the time to listen. “Cherished Companions Home Care ranks #1 in Ohio and #3 nationwide among at-home care providers.” If you don’t understand homecare, now is the time to learn.  Although we often think of… Read More »