Contemplated Word

By | September 8, 2017

I’ve been contemplating many things recently and wondering whether they are worth sharing or kept private.  However, blogging is an opportunity to share those thoughts and feelings that stir up those feelings that often create internal damage that often can be avoided if we can find the way to release them.  Ignoring them is never the answer because of the nursery rhyme “Sticks and Stones,” is not as true as the words may state, words or thoughts can and will hurt us and even destroy us unless we release them.

My momma taught me to be honest without hurting others along the way.  Her favorite saying was, “Don’t hang out your dirty laundry for others to see.”  However, she warned me, and my brothers, to never let others take advantage of our friendliness or compassion to help.  There is always someone that attempts to take advantage of my generosity and my compassion turning the tables on me.  This time I refuse to feel guilty or accept blame for their lack of responsibility.

To some, my unpaid position at may appear to be trivial and not much of a job.  In fact, there are some who have had no respect for my time and feel that they may contact me 24/7 as if this is a hobby that I am playing at.  I am not playing; I am Alex’s right hand as he grows, LLC.  Part of this business includes The Mediocre Gamers Show on YouTube as well as the documentary series he is going into production with this month.  The more involved Alex is on these other projects he has placed the daily responsibilities on me, which I have taken on.  This is now a full time plus position, and it is taken seriously to help not only Alex’s business plan grow but each show, show host, and sponsor.  The program of activities for ‘newcle’ is not about today but taking this business into the future, but it cannot be completed alone, without the support of our shows, future shows, sponsors and prospective sponsors, this will not happen.

I have chosen to write this and put this out publicly and ask for your respect and support.  We (I) don’t ask much of anyone associated with the radio station except for direct communication.  Communication is what is centered on, providing our listeners what they deserve to hear not what the Big Brother Corporations are dictating terrestrial radio demands to be broadcasted.  We offered choices, and we are giving you a choice to be a broadcaster, options the terrestrial stations would never consider.

However, Alex nor I or the those following the basic standards we have set can continue to grow if we have show hosts who are not sharing and caring their load of the programming, networking and supporting of the other hosts.  So today I ask… Please Communicate… Make 2 Day the Day We Grow 2 Gether.