Evolving 4 U

Today is not just another Sunday; it’s the last Sunday in April as the world turns, spins and rotates to yet another day. Today marks newclevelandradio.net evolving in a positive growing manner. It was just one year ago today that Alex Hale launched newclevelandradio.net in a small offsite studio. Since that day much has changed while other things have remained the same.

AFTER FURTHER REVIEW continues to broadcast/podcast weekly – http://newclevelandradio.net/follow-after-further-review/ the scheduled time currently is Thursday evenings from 7 -9 pm EST. Alex Hale, Pat Guzowski, and guest broadcasters bring you sports and entertaining information that the listener wants to hear. This is not a cookie-cutter show.

We continue to offer our sponsors the opportunity to podcast with us (no additional cost is involved.) Sponsor podcasting can be informational or advertise their information, both concepts provide awareness to our listeners and grows our listening base as we can offer many more services. (contact Karen at newclevelandradio@gmail.com for more details.
In addition to sports, we are providing our listener’s programming that we hope will answer many of their wants and needs while opening doors to creating more live shows and podcasting. Please check out all of our shows at http://newclevelandradio.net/podcast-replays/

As of today, our studio has moved into our new home office studio. Programming may be produced remotely, as well as in our studio, or the location of the show hosts. We understand how busy our clients are and yet the positivity of live broadcasting that becomes podcast ready for sharing as well as a need. The average listener is active and looking to obtain answers to many of the questions that arise daily, and newclevelandradio.net is the source that can provide the promotion of awareness. Our rates start as low as $30 an hour, what we ask of each of our show hosts is to network their show as well as the other shows on newclevelandradio.net

I also want to send out a special thanks to Sara Craig of http://www.caffelena.org/ for believing in newclevelandradio.net as we continue to make contact with the performers who grace the stage at this iconic location. Also, to Chuck Yarborough, from the Cleveland Plain Dealer & Cleveland.com., Chuck has joined us as a monthly show, sharing both local and global entertainment news plus some off the wall subjects, http://connect.cleveland.com/staff/cyarboro/posts.html
Check our entertainment page http://newclevelandradio.net/entertainment-interviews/

This week on newclevelandradio.net enjoy:
Tim Hrobat with Hrobat Insurance – Tuesday, 10 am – Sponsor Podcasting – Learn about Insurance
Patrick M’Gonigle The Lonely Heartstring Band – Tuesday, 12:30 am – Entertainment
Dr. Lonnie Smith – Jazz Musician – Coming to the TRI-C Jazz Fest – Tuesday, 4 pm – Entertainment
Dr. Mack & Staff – Healthy Living – Thursday 1 pm – a weekly show
Paul Seaburn – WHAT in the WORLD – Thursday 3 pm – a weekly show (this week broadcasting live from Panera in Brecksville, Ohio
Kris Weir – Body Mind and Soul, LLC – Friday 11 am – monthly show/podcast
Candace Pollock (with Karen Hale) – Intentionality Gurus – Friday 1 pm – bi-weekly show/podcast

In May
Senior Moments returns with Bradley & Heather Greene
Cherished Companions Home Care with Doug Wilber bi-weekly show/podcast (new)

In June
Vista Springs – Adult Living – with Susan Krupitzer LNHA, CECC, CEAL, NP (new)

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