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Image result for image quote painThink positive – words we hear a lot. But when you have chronic pain it is often difficult to think positively! The pain can be so grueling, and yet on the outside, you can look just fine. In fact, at one time many of us who suffer from chronic pain were labeled “hypochondriacs.” Although, some of the 100 million Americans suffering may sound like complainers, until you have experienced it, please do not judge!

Chronic pain, unlike acute pain, is persistent and signals of this condition fire warning signs to the brain (yes, it’s in our head,) causing an interruption in daily life. What many others may take for granted those with chronic headaches, muscle and joint complications, diabetes, coronary heart disease, cannot!

I have been suffering from chronic migraines since the age of 18, although today we may have identified through conversation and unraveling of my medical history that the source began at the age of 17. In just under two weeks I will be celebrating my 68th birthday which means I have been battling with chronic pain levels for fifty years.

I have sought out medical help over the years despite many who told me I was just plain crazy there was no way in H E double hockey sticks that I could be suffering as much as I indicated. And despite my suffering, I have made every attempt to live life to the fullest including birthing and raising two sons. When I was trying to get pregnant with Alex, I was told I could not and if I did my migraines would get worse.

Although my headaches have worsened over the years, I still have chosen to live rather than the giving into the pounding, blinding pain, I just accepted it as part of my chemistry,

However, Healthy Living with Dr. Mack and Staff, made me realize I did not have to suffer any longer. I needed to take the next step to wellness and find pain relief. Any pain relief would be welcome.

I started my journey today. I was able to point out on a chart exactly where my pressure points are. With some pressure point therapy, traction and a little manipulation (which I never believed in before!) a headache I walked into the office with has dissipated. This is not a miracle cure, and it is just one of many treatments I will need in addition to relearning how to sit, stand, move and maybe change some of my eating habits too. It is a journey, and I am asking you to join me on it.

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