Kidney Blast Week and More…

By | April 15, 2018

I could not be more excited that in less than fifteen minutes I will be meeting Sawyer Fredericks in our studio. Although I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing this 2015 Voice Winner remotely a couple of weeks ago, while in Cleveland, Ohio for the Rock & Roll Induction Ceremony, he has agreed to not only the second interview but performing as well. So, for many who saw the posts you will be tuning in around 11:15 am on this April 15th, 2018, memorable day. Others will listen to this as a podcast, while I swoon.

I finally feel like I am a gourmet music observer and listener. (Alex Hale) has provided me the opportunity to follow my dream, and that has evolved into having conversations with many different artists (please check out (


In addition to interviewing Sawyer today, tomorrow I will also have the pleasure of speaking with Kim Scharnberg. Kim is an acclaimed producer, arranger, composer, and conductor. Kim grew up like many of us, having a regular upbringing. However, he was exposed to diverse musical experiences. In our conversation, I want to know how someone from Iowa becomes a Broadway legend.

Also, on tap for this week a Blues Musician, Andy Cohen, I know he will delight all of us as he shares his longevity in the industry and his many tours. You can catch Andy at Caffe’ Lena or on the concert window on Thursday, May 10th.

I also have Andrew Collins on tap. The Andrew Collins Trio performed at Caffe’ Lena on March 9th. Collins and his Trio showcase bluegrass, folk, jazz, classical, and swing, and I am mesmerized by their sounds.

And from Belfast Ireland, Seamus Kennedy, an Irish singer, songwriter, musician, comedian, all-around entertainer, and author. – A special thank to Kevin McKrell for introducing me to Seamus.


And when I complete my conversation with Seamus, I will begin preparing for a unique onsite podcasting live show at the Basement in Sagamore Hills, Ohio with my guest show hosts:
5:30 pm Chuck Yarborough
6:30 pm Paul Seaburn
With special guest, Gary Wenner – nominee Man of Year for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society – donations will be welcome Wednesday night as well as at our Draft Party Live Broadcast at the Basement on April 26th at 5 pm through at least the draft round or longer.

Check out this website for more information and to replay podcasts! Please share.

Wednesday will be the last day this week I will be working as I prepare for my kidney stone blast off!