Not Breaking My Stride

My parents referred to me as a klutz most of my life. There were times I took offense to it. However, hindsight assures me they were right in their assessment. My type A personality has me rushing through life even when I consciously belief I am in slow motion, observing all the obstacles that may be in my path. However, my brain does confuse me (much of the time), and accidents happen!

I have been on a journey since last Fall to get myself in a healthy physical and mental state. Even when life interrupts with distractions, I have been able to apply the lifestyle changes that I know are good for me, but I also enjoy (yes I enjoy working out!) So yesterday on one of my workouts I had an accident.

Let me begin by sharing that I understand the need for hydration, however, yesterday, Friday the 13th I left my water bottle at home and entered Anytime Fitness in the early stages of dehydration. Although I sensed this, I thought I would be OK. To begin with, every exercise was a struggle, and I shortened my times on each. For an intense individual such as I, this felt like cheating, and unacceptable. I was not following the rules, my rules, and this drew on the little energy I had. Dehydration can do that to you!

When stepping off the treadmill which I had stopped and concluded my fat burning cycle, as I went to take my last step off I felt the belt moving in the opposite direction propelling me forward (no fall to the ground), but I hyperextended my right knee. At first, it hurt (10 0ut of 10), soon it was a much milder pain, but I was walking with a limp. I assumed I could rest and ice and I would be back in the gym today. WRONG! I ended up at urgent care. After the X-ray, the source of my pain was identified as a Patellar fracture. (If your fractured kneecap does not require surgery, your physician will likely immobilize your leg in a cylindrical, long leg cast or, in rare cases, a knee immobilizer for four to six weeks. This will allow your fractured kneecap to heal.)

I am now in a knee/leg immobilizer, and I am supposed to use crutches, but that is an accident waiting to happen for sure. I am taking the next couple of days to relax (a word not recognized in my vocabulary.) I will also use this time to get caught up on production work and to continue to do produce shows from the home studio until I can drive again.

I am slowly learning to be aware of life and be in the moment – to be consciously aware of who I am and what I am doing. However, I am not perfect, and occasionally I lose my train of thought, or I allow some ideas to override others. Yesterday I recognized my dehydration and what it could do to me, but I chose to ignore those consequences thinking I could protect myself from any injury. I was wrong, and my parents were right when they called me a klutz. I am what I am!

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