Join My Journey 2 Reduce Chronic Pain –

Think positive – words we hear a lot. But when you have chronic pain it is often difficult to think positively! The pain can be so grueling, and yet on the outside, you can look just fine. In fact, at one time many of us who suffer from chronic pain were labeled “hypochondriacs.” Although, some… Read More »

IMAGINE _ and Live in Peace 2/21/18

Please read these words and then go to your favorite site to hear the song sung. As I was driving in my car today I heard this beautiful song and I thought we need to do more than Imagine! Imagine there’s no heaven It’s easy if you try No hell below us Above us only… Read More »

Turn Your Valentine Heart into a Healthy Heart

Happy Valentine’s Day- hoping that you all are taking care of your heart health. Valentine’s Day should be a reminder that we all must take a moment to maintain our physical being as much as our emotional self. Do not assume that your beating heart is healthy, take this time to ensure you are preserving… Read More »

“When Is It My TURN?” Anxiety is real

Today’s return of “When Is It My Turn?” will be delayed yet another week. However, the reason this show is so important is that it deals with real life.  Upon the return of this show, we will be discussing anxiety and depression and the reality of these syndromes (diseases.)  This winter has been cruel and… Read More »

Anxiety & Depression Is Real _ Join Us

On Monday, February 12, 2018, “When Is It My Turn?” on will proceed in a new direction.  Although we will still discuss from time to time the raising and supporting a special needs family member our focus will be on the individuals as we address the anxieties and depressions in our lives. Everyone suffers… Read More »

Making Changes

To evolve means to develop gradually, especially from a simple to a more complex form. is evolving and looking to accommodate you the listener.  You can listen to us live or via our podcasts all listed here on the website. In order to continue our broadcasts and podcasts, we are looking for sponsors.   Each sponsor… Read More »

From Live to Podcast

With many individuals busy and on the go sitting down to listen to one of our live broadcasts is difficult so we are expanding and encouraging you and our future listeners to come back to our website and listen to our playbacks at NO CHARGE! Check out: or for entertainment Check out:

Making changes…

We have updated our website – trying to make it easier for listeners to find the right app to listen live or replay a show.  Check out the changes being made  we currently have several programs listed under this tab that makes it easy for you the listener as well as the host to link… Read More »

Happiness an Inside Job

As 2017 is about to end, I find myself struggling with words.  As a communication’s major and show host on various programs here at, I’m not sure what I should say or not as this year ends and 2018 begins.  This is not the first time I find myself in this situation.  Believe it… Read More »

2017 Turns Into a SUCCESSFUL 2018 When I made the decision to become a Rodan+Fields Consultant it was done for a number of reasons: I love the product line – thank you Lucy Rossi Zindroski, Lina – Pasqualina Diamante, and Giovanna Caporossi Mitru, for introducing me to the product line.  And Lucy, thank you for becoming a sponsor at … Read More »