Friday, June 28th, 2019

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Today is the last Friday in June 2019, half of 2019 is behind us, but there is always today, and tomorrow will come!  I used to be a worry-wart trying to accomplish tomorrow’s business today just so I could have a day off; however, if you do that daily, you never take time off.  Without taking the time to recuperate, refresh, and recharge each task often gets more complicated, and internal resentment builds up.  (At least it did for me.)  While I was so busy living for tomorrow, I was not fulfilling my own needs and reaching my potential.




They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, while I am not a dog, nor am I old in mind and spirit.  Therefore I have been able to venture down a new fork in the road and experience this thing we call life.  It is precious, and embracing it with all my heart and soul has allowed me to develop into a more empowered happier me.





I challenge you to ask yourself one question, are you happy with yourself?  Do not criticize yourself when you answer honestly.  Take your answer(s) and take a gamble on walking down a new path today.  Instead of going straight turn right or turn left.  Witness the landscape and breath in the newness.  Feel what you see, feel what you hear, and feel from the depths inside.  Experience those feelings that may have gone dormant while living for tomorrow instead of for today.




No judgments.  We are all on a personal journey, and until you embark on yours as I have on mine, you will never become one with your body, spirit, and mind.