Tuesday, November 5th, 2019

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Thank YOU Amy Ferris!

I woke up to a slew of comments from men who denigrated a woman who was assaulted; what vile words, what vicious and volatile comments. Just plain ugly.

I would like to remind all men out there – even the good ones, the kind ones, the generous and loving ones, even the ones who raised their children alone, the single dad’s – a little nudge this morning: we birth you, we bring you into this world; we nurture you and cradle you and coddle you; we feed you and hold you, we rock you when you’re in pain or can’t sleep; we are Mother’s Milk and Mother Earth.

Stop demeaning us, stop belittling us, stop battering us and bruising us, stop vilifying us, stop violating us, stop pushing us aside, pushing us into corners, stop slandering us, stop silencing us, stop beating us, stop assaulting us – verbally & physically.

We are mother’s and sister’s and co-worker’s and neighbors; we are wives and lovers and friends and partners.

Please, for god sake, stop hurting us.

We pushed & pushed & pushed and brought you into this world: say thank you.