A Life without Judgement

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We use a lot of buzz words like “living life to its fullest,”” “being mindful,” “upcycling,” and yet do we really know what we are saying, and why?

control your life

Living life to its fullest is essential, life is short, and we have only one (that we are consciously aware of.)  If we don’t put our energy into each day and observe our passion we are just marking time.  I have marked time and I refuse to spend my days wishing and dreaming without trying.

BE THE type of person

When we try we are moving in a forward and positive direction.  However, changing our path and beginning a new journey can be difficult but it is crucial for happiness.  Pleasurable experiences are what we create for ourselves, no one can make us happy, what others can do is share in our joy.

life is a journey

To set a new path it is important to be mindful.  It begins by knowing what you want and what you don’t.  Beyond that we must clear our thoughts and be honest.  Too often we tend to hide the truth from ourselves not following our heart and what will provide us the peaceful life we deserve to look.


There is a quote and philosophy: “Do what you love.  Love what you do.”  “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”  Although the job you choose may not be able to sustain you, it may be worth living with less or differently so you may have the life you deserve.

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Today, many of are experiencing anxieties and depression is often due to us living and following the paths of others.  The reality of it is that we do not have to live like our neighbor, our best friend or even follow in the footsteps of our family tree.  We each have an obligation to be the best person we can be without hurting another.  We must be aware of mindful of our words, tone as well as our mannerisms when we speak to each other.  It is also important to put judgment aside, if we don’t judge another, they will not judge us.  Can you imagine living a world without judgment?

I can – now it’s up to all of us!  Become aware and enjoy!

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