Daylight Savings – I am in heaven.  I need daylight and having more light at the end of the day makes me smile.  The concept of changing the clock, in my opinion, must STOP and the majority of us would enjoy remaining on Daylight Savings Time.

wake upIf you are like most Americans, responding to the alarm clock in the morning is just another annoyance in the scheme of things. Waking up to darkness and watch the dawn of the day may provide us all the opportunity to appreciate a new day.  Driving to work in the dark or early hours of the morning may give just enough sunshine to our beginning as having the light of the sun at the end of the day.

most lonely.jpgAs I have recorded both in blogging as well as on,  I have experience SAD this past winter.  Not only did I feel sad, but I also experienced anxiety that led to bouts of depression.  I accept the fact that it was not just the winter blues that allowed my psyche to respond to SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder,) personally for me I had some additional complications that added to this.  My symptoms began at the end of the fall season and lasted most of the winter. (This is typical.)  SAD sapped my energy, made me feel moody, and just made me unhappy.

I am glad that the last couple months are behind me and now it’s time to rebuild and create a better, healthier, happy me.

fall in love.jpgMy transformation begins with listening to my body, soul, and mind.  Just like you, I feel aches and pains however it is now time for me to respond to those symptoms getting the assistance to define them.  If the aches and pains need attention (such as migraines, fibromyalgia, and old injuries.), it is time to seek medical and or psychological assistance to work through the process to obtain relief.  Relief may or may not spell cure; it may mean adjusting and making lifestyle changes.

challenge.jpgLifestyle changes can be challenging to achieve when we share our lives with a spouse (significant other), children, and friends.  Sometimes their motives are perceived by others as not needed, and their thoughts tend to feed on our insecurities.  However, to be the best you, as I want to be the best me, we need to become the master of our destiny.  Change does not mean that those close to you must change too, it may be in their best interest to become mindful of you.

KIKI 1950_Family_Misc_0028.jpgMany of the shows I am producing and co-hosting on are helping me focus on life, especially mine, and how I want to be the best Karen I can be while enjoying my days on earth.

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