I do not know all the rules of NBA basketball, however, as a hometown fan I remember when there is an unbalance I the system and when games are ‘rigged.” Golden State may have some exceptional players on their team; this is the first sign that all teams do not have the same advantage. Golden State brings in more money (winners or not because they are in a money market.) I am not here crying over spilled milk, but I want to make a statement when teams do not play fair, and the officials compromise their calls to favor one side over another, why should anyone play the game?

We have seen the unbalance in teams with the Golden State Warriors, Miami Heat, Boston Celtics, and the Chicago Bulls. Occasionally another team comes close to beating them or succeeds.

As a Cleveland Cavaliers fan, my hometown team, I see the struggles our players have from the top down. Although I may be bias our team not only plays together, they work together on the court to follow the rules. We do not have hot shots trying to gain personal glory; the players work together for the win. LeBron leads by example as a gentleman and a mentor to his teammates (and the fans.)

We do not need to play ‘dirty ball,’ and each team in the NBA should be created and trusted equally. Yes the NBA system is a business geared to make money, but when we are teaching our children it’s OK to be bullied on, and off the court this is unacceptable. It is also unacceptable for the officials to close their eyes when the opposing team, no one I perfect, especially the Golden State Warriors.


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