Intentionally Making Changes

I am beginning today’s post to thank one of my newest friends.  Candace Pollock has been podcasting with for a little over a year.  Candace is a certified personal coach, and mentor, as well as a practicing attorney.  I have been producing her show, The Intentionality Gurus, since March 2018,  Working with Candace has opened my eyes to intentionally investigate myself and assertively help me resolve some of the issues that have held me back in life.  Candace does not judge or even advise me on what I may need to change, enhance or leave untouched.  What this podcast does is provide a window for not only me, but others to take whatever steps they may need to a more satisfying experience.


I shared with Candy yesterday that I have spent a majority of my life wanting to be you, or someone else, well still being me but in a “better package.”  However, wishing and hoping, as well as wanting, is not the same as making the attempt to change.  Candace will repeatedly ask me in these podcasts why, and how will that make you feel, and what does that feel like.  This is the intentionality piece where I am the only one who can answer, and my answers are important for me, they are based on my past, present, and what I perceive of the future.  Tomorrow is a new day, and the responses to those same questions may change.  Life continues to evolve and therefore go our thoughts and any needs associated with them.


For me sitting back is no longer an option.  If I want to lose weight, I must adjust my diet.  The loss of weight should be for me, although it may bring benefits to others.  (i.e., maybe I won’t feel so unattractive and therefore increase more endorphins.  The endorphins are the Happy Hormones.)  Maybe the changes I would like are less obvious but will provide me more energy and engagement in opportunities that please me.  We have all heard, “When momma is happy, everyone is happy,” well whether you are a momma, poppa, are just you, your smile and happiness is contagious!


For the last five years, I have been on a journey of change and exploration that is providing me with a brighter outlook on life.  However, these podcasts are what I need to be the best I can be even as I stumble and fall along the way.  I no longer look at mistakes as embarrassing and stupid.  They are learning tools that only open more doors and windows that allow me to expand my wings and be me.


The empowerment of B-U, B-Me is real!

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