The First of Many – MEET & GREET – EMPOWERMENT

Last evening, January 24, 2019, I completed a task on my bucket list.  Needing to empower myself, acknowledging that I am a caring, compassionate, and smart individual, Meet & Greet for Women’s Empowerment took place at Vista Springs, Greenbriar.  I do want to take a moment and apologize to anyone who may have misunderstood where the location for this event was taking place.  The FACEBOOK page is linked to However, we were meeting off-site as Sheila James, Vista Springs, provided us space for this new group.  (Thank you Sheila!)


More than fifty women replied to the first call out for interest in this group and the seminar series (book) that I have envisioned to help promote the message that we are all unique snowflakes and yet so much alike.  We all have a need to belong, be accepted, and appreciated, and this group is designed for that purpose. However, it begins from within so sharing, caring, and awareness are the key components for this group.  If you missed last night do not fret, last night was just one evening, and we will be meeting monthly and hosting POSITIVE ENERGY seminars.  If you have a story to share or a story you want to hear, we encourage you to attend.


I must confess it is always difficult for me to attend a meeting, or gathering of any kind, the first time.  I feel vulnerable and out of place.  Too often I lack the confidence that I will fit in and with that message playing in the back of my head I find excuses why I should not attend.  Surprisingly everytime I give into those fears and old tapes that replay in my brain, I am glad I have, I widen my world, and my connections with people that I care about and who care about me.


The mix of individuals that attended last night all have an interesting journey to share.  There was a common thread among us, and we were there to give back and learn from others at the same time.


The tentative date for our next meet and greet will be February 27th 6 pm at Vista Springs, Greenbriar, in Parma, Ohio.  At the next meeting, we will use social media such as Facebook Live to give those who can’t attend a birds-view.  We also agreed we will start out the seminar series with two personal coaches leading the way: Candace Pollock and Kathy Worcester Lentner will team together to share their journeys while using the coaching and guidance to empower us!  This is an open group, and the only rule is that we listen, learn and respect various thoughts and beliefs.


On February 11th at 6 pm, will be introducing a new podcast with Melinda Smith entitled Heart Mojo.   Melinda will take us through her journey and invite others to participate in understanding their obstacles can be turned into challenges and facing the challenge empowers!


On February 14th at 6pm Katie the Carlady will be hosting Coffee and Cars with Katie, and the coffee can be any mixture and cars, well you will have to tune in to feel her energy.

We ( are hoping to attract many new podcasts providing your message.  Please email me at for podcasting information and rates.


Check out all of our podcast shows (some may be on Hiatus, but their past podcasts are still online.)

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