Where’s Norman? Celebrating the Life of Norman Tischler

Yesterday, February 17th, 2019 I shared in a LOVE FEST. I was celebrating the life of Norman Tischler.  For some of you reading this you may not know who Norman was, and in reality, I barely knew him, but I loved him, and I cherish all that continue to love him, his partner Lynn, his grandchildren, and numerous assorted relatives, but mostly friends and fans!  Last night at the Music Box Supper Club in downtown Cleveland, Ohio many of his musicians’ colleagues paid tribute to him, his music, corny jokes, and his compassion for life!  If Norman Tischler said hello to you, you were/are his friend for eternity.


The music that played through the Supper Club both upstairs and down was contagiously filling the halls with such sincere gratitude that the hundreds or more of us became one as we swayed, danced, and sung to the music.  The talent that graced the stage, all local, were as good if not better than what we normally refer to as the professionals.  These men and women are truly honed crafted with the gift of sharing life through music, while voices sang or played a variety of songs that brought us all joy, even when we all shouted out, “Where’s Norman?”


Norman left the body of the earth four weeks ago and yet his life accomplishments live on.  Although not a wealthy man in the sense of financial riches, this New York transplant to Cleveland, Ohio was rich with compassion and love.  His love for music brought a sense of community to all he met.  From a Vista volunteer to a Saxophonist who jammed with anyone and everyone, jumping (or walking) up on stage with his trusty Sax.  As was shared last night, Norman never asked if he would be paid, fed, or thanked for his performance, he lived to give, not to get!


We all need to take a step back and like, Norman Tischler, live our lives with join and sharing that with everyone we meet.  Shake hands, fist bump, hi-5, hug, and or kiss and make a valuable connection with another human being.  Put your mobile device down and have a conversation, listen, learn, and “love on another, right now.”

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