Friday, July 5th, 2019

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Depression is a STATE of Mind_Let’s Talk

Good morning world!  As I shared yesterday, depression is a state of mind, and often the answer as to why we are feeling down, blue, and sometimes worthless is unexplainable.  The feelings of despair are often like a rollercoaster they sweep us up and down until we reach a calm.  Learning to journal and vocalize my thoughts has been my happy tool even when I sit here crying as I type the words on the screen.  However, it cleanses me and allows me to be more aware of the changes that I feel both physically and emotionally.



I have identified myself as an open book, too often wearing my heart on my sleeve, but I am OK with that.  It is my life and the way I choose to live it to the fullest.  Join me in this conversation as I begin a new podcast with YOU about Empowering Yourself to FEEL!  Let us mentor each other through the process, taking a journey with new adventures to fulfill ourselves.




Contact me at and let’s talk!