Monday, August 19th, 2019

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Monday Morning, Whatever

Monday, sometimes considered the other first day of the week, when Sunday is the first!  So who changed the second day of the week to the first and why?  As you ponder this question consider the following, why does it matter?  At one time, when we were forming a more civilized group of humanity, it must have been necessary to identify each day.  In fact, as a young child, I remember the following, “As the saying goes it is: Monday: Wash Day ~ Tuesday: Ironing Day ~ Wednesday: Sewing Day ~ Thursday: Market Day ~ Friday: Cleaning Day ~ Saturday: Baking Day ~ Sunday: Day of Rest.”

The reality is I wash daily, or as needed.  I rarely iron, but when I do it most likely is not on Tuesday.  As for sewing, I may mend some things now and again, but I am not committed to doing this on a Wednesday.  The market day depends on how often we eat at home or go out, and cleaning day in my house is every day, I cannot stand a mess or a disorder of any type.  Can you say, OCD?  If baking was left for Saturdays, I might never have the opportunity as most of my adult life, Saturday has been a workday.  A rest day on Sunday sounds remarkable dull as I don’t know how to take time out of living life to the fullest.