Monday, March 4th, 2019

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Thank you Charlie for being K-Adrian-Zonneville

American Stories, a great novel set in real life situations and reminding us to take the time to live.  Too many of us, myself included, are in such a hurry to get something done and move on to the next something that we don’t notice our thoughts.  Our thoughts drive us to action even when that action is standing still in time.  Although we may stand still time doesn’t and that is our excuse that immerses us in technology and the social media that we often mistake as life.

Charlie Wiener, thank you for being the proficient storyteller, gathering up the thoughts that run through our minds that we too often ignore

or maybe are too intimidated to express.  If we speak of pain, dying, or emotional distress it is not uncommon for the ears to hear something other than the clear words we are attempting to express.  However, Kim, your character in American Stories not only hears but speaks in volumes as an observer and patron of life.  It may have taken her most of her life and a terminal diagnosis to become INTENTIONAL in each step forward she took until the moment of her demise.

Everyone will die, and that is a terminal diagnosis we all receive from the moment of conception.  Some of us learn to live with intention leaving our spirit behind for others to experience.



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