Friday, March 8th, 2019

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Good Morning WORLD!

After ten days of battling with a migraine, two visits to the ER for IV medication (#2 was last night,) I slept through the night and awoke this morning I am feeling my normal.  For forty plus years I have chronic headache pain identified as migraine.  The gnawing ache is always present, but I have learned to accept it and adjust to it.  I have tried almost every medication, as well as dietary changes, modalities, etc., but not one medical practitioner has been able to provide me with a pain-free head.  I have had MRI’s and CT Scans, including a CT Scan last night (negative!).  So, I begin today as my normal and I refuse to think about a rebound or the next one that gets me down.  Just an FYI the last time I went to the ER before this week for migraine is almost 20 years.  Imitrex has been my pal, and I have been prescribed it as needed.  Getting an appointment with a neurologist in Northeast Ohio is near to impossible.  There are too few who practice this specialty, and it can take months to get a first appointment or a follow-up.  On the bright side, I have one scheduled for the end of April.


I want to thank everyone who has reached out and share their remedies of choice, and I will try those that make sense to me such as dietary changes once again and returning to the gym as early as next week.  I already take vitamins such as Magenisum and B12 as well as Riboflavin.  What I must return to for my own sanity is taking the moments to breathe.  I must also stop and smell the roses, as well as, the other fragrances of life.






Obstacles are just another fork in the road we run into daily, and we must choose which path to follow.

Well, today I am making the choice to take a step forward, join me.