Thursday, March 21st, 2019

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I Give You Permission

I am experiencing intense migraines again.  I am scheduled to meet with a neurologist in late April; it is not easy to find a neurologist in the Cleveland area, despite the fine medical centers we have in this city.  Neurology seems to be a practice that few medical students enter into and therefore finding someone who treats migraines is not easy.  My original neurologist, Dr. Michael Devereaux was one of the best; he understood my history and worked to control my attacks.  However, he is no longer in private practice.

I have been somewhat lucky to have had medication such as Imitrex to help control these vicious episodes.  However, either my body is now immune to the medication or the chemistry of the drug(s) have been changed.  I try not to give in to the pain and the symptoms that come with this malady.  However, sometimes I just have to lay down and let the world pass me by while I breathe in and out and allow the pain to subside to a manageable 8 out of 10 or a 7 out of 10 if I am lucky.

I am good at giving advice and suggesting that others take the time to care for themselves. However, I am not good at following the same path.  So, I give all of you permission to remind me to take the time I need to remain well and to live life!