As some of you may know, when you do what you love to do, life is sweet.  However, sometimes we add a little flavor to our life that includes change.  This weekend I returned to Repping.  For those who may not know what that means, I am representing a product as a third-party… Read More »


For me, it is not so much about religion as it is, “Tradition,”  or the customs that were passed on through my grandparents, to my parents, and then to me!  They say (whoever they are) that we either remember the best things in our life or the worst moments, and although I may have some… Read More »

“There is no place like home…”

Finding a home.  I have repeatedly said, I am not religious, I grew up on traditions set in our home by my mother and father.  They created their customs based on their upbringing.  As a young girl growing up on the Northwest side of Detroit, I believed I would marry someday and live just blocks… Read More »

YOM KIPPUR – will never be the same

Yom Kippur will never be the same for me, and although I am told it was a mitzvah (blessing) that my mother passed on Yom Kippur Eve, the holiday and the Day of Anointment take on a whole new meaning.   As a young girl, it was tradition to observe the High Holidays.  From the… Read More »

Adding a new Podcast with Cody Cooper & Bill Squire

I had the pleasure of interviewing Cody Cooper today, a local comic going who is spreading his wings.  He has given newclevelandradio.net permission to share his podcast:  Gabbing with Grandma.  We think you will enjoy the dialogue.  Please listen and share:  http://newclevelandradio.net/gabbing-with-grandma-cody-cooper-bill-squire/ soundcloud.com/gabbingwithgrandma

Don’t Remember 9/11/18 Unless You Choose to STOP HATE

Do not remember 9/11/01 only on the anniversary date of such a horrific event. Do not remember the terrorist as a race or religion. Do not remember if you choose not to turn our global society into a kinder one. Let us not just remember those that lost their innocent lives and others who put… Read More »


The other day I posted on Facebook that my husband and I took a short get-away. Vacations and overnight trips for us have always been about family and or business. I am not complaining, however, for the last 34 years our life has a financial, and we chose to live it within our means while… Read More »