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Pro Choice = Having A CHOICE

It’s is almost Memorial Day or Decoration Day as it was once called.  As a young child, I could not wait to buy my POPPY at school and wear it proudly.  Being an American and saluting the veterans that not only fought for us but were stationed to support and defend us was an enlightening time.  Sadly much has changed since the 50s and early 60s beginning with the Vietnam War and now the intense craziness that we call our government leadership.  However, it is up to each of us as individuals to make a difference and reach out to our family and neighbors and shorten the differences between wants, needs, and greed!



There may be many things I may want, but what do I truly need, and how can I pursue that without being greedy?  If we each take one step in the direction of need versus want and remove the greed, we can renew our democratic philosophy and give peace a chance once again.






Last week, after Alabama passed and announced their new ANTI-ABORTION law, I announced on behalf of newclevelandradio.net, I will begin podcasting a new series on Women’s Rights.  When I speak of Women’s Rights, they are the rights for all.  No one should have the authority to tell you how to maintain your body!  Please note abortion has not been misused or abused.  Roe versus Wade was passed to provide birth control, maternity care, child health care, and in the rare case if need an abortion.  No child should be brought into this world if they are not wanted.  Women are not getting themselves pregnant and then submitting themselves to this procedure without thought and choice!

Statistically up until the 11th or 12th week of conception, the first trimester, “An embryo is called a fetus at a more advanced stage of development and up until birth or hatching. In humans, this is from the eleventh week of gestation.”  Therefore even the heartbeat which may be heard does not identify this as a viable life stage.

Pro-choice is just that; it is my, yours, ours, to decide what we are doing to our physical and mental health.  No one should have the power to put their needs and beliefs into the decisions I make – when it has no effect on them.  Not everyone who gets pregnant by accident, or through violence, submits themselves to this procedure.  That is why it is Pro-choice, you decide what is best for you today and into the future.




The Anti-abortion laws are just one segment of change that takes our choices and voices away.  Let us discuss the opportunity of becoming empowered without overpowering others!

Please contact newclevelandradio.net at newclevelandradio@gmail.com

Today is D DAY Happy LIFE

The Day is here – the Day that Alex and I dreamt of two years ago.

When you don’t know what to give your brother (and Uncle) for his birthday, and his best friend, a partner in crime, and brother from another mother, passes away, all celebrations and gift ideas come to a halt.

May 2017 Joelie’s first birthday after the passing of our mother was going to be difficult enough, but now sweet and feisty Charlie Eble’s good fight with the terrible “C” was turning this month into SADNESS!

Alex was just establishing newclevelanradio.net, and as the producer, and podcaster developer, we thought about putting together a tribute.  We had the dream, the idea, but we were too new in our internet station to develop an event like this.

May 2018 with this idea weighing heavily on our shoulders, it was Joel’s birthday once again and the first anniversary of Charlie’s death.  Although Charlie was no longer with us physically, he remained with us, and all of the people he had touched in his life.  As he interviewed many of the talented artists from the Capital Region, Saratoga Springs, and beyond, I heard the murmurings of how he helped so many directly and indirectly.

I knew how much Charlie had done for Alex, especially in the last year of his life.  My son planned a trip to Saratoga Springs the in late April of 2017 as he knew he had to conversate with his mentor, the man we are honoring today, Charlie Eble.  It was at that time Alex discussed some ideas and plans he wanted to accomplish, and his mentor perked up, looked him straight in the eye and said our work is not done!

So when May 2018 came along, I took this idea to the max on behalf of Alex.  Without letting Joel know, I did not want him to dissuade me or anyone else, I began putting the wheels in motion.  I contacted many of the performers I had met and interviewed and others I still wanted to interview, and I got a 100% acceptance that this would not only be a fantastic way to honor a man who had done so much and still means the world to many, but it would be a gift for Joelie, that money could not buy.

This gift did not come without strings attached.  When we met with my big brother in the Fall of 2018; I requested that he produce this event that is happening today, and proclaimed by the Honorable Meg Kelly as Charlie Eble Day.  And with his influence and unstoppable personality he and Sarah Craig developed a scholarship fund in the name of Charlie, that will mean so much more than a plaque.  Today is the first of many, and you will hear the beauty in the talent, and feel the love in each performance.

When Charlie told Alex his work was not done, you will witness that today.  He will be performing a song that he shared with Joel and Charlie two years ago.  Alex had a vision, and today, with special thanks to Jeff Brisbin that vision comes to life!

Today is not just for Charlie, this is a gift for my brother Joel, to let him know how special he is and that when you can’t afford to buy a present, you create one…Happy Life to All!


It’s Almost Charlie Eble Day!

To my friends and family, Alex is almost back home and ready to return to work for the Cleveland Indians homestand, and we are in NY – at the Seneca Alleghany Casino tonight and on to a park and photo adventure tomorrow, arriving in Saratoga Springs sometime Friday.  This is the weekend of Charlie Eble Day, and if you don’t know what that means, please listen to these podcasts:  https://www.spreaker.com/show/charlie-eble-day-may-19-2019-cafe-lena.



On Sunday starting at noon for a mere $5 if you cannot get up to Café Lena in Saratoga Springs, NY., you can stream the concert benefit on the Café Lena Concert Window.  You will not be disappointed with the talent, including our own, Alex Hale.  Alex will return to NY while our house is cared for by friends.  The benefit is produced by Joel Moss http://managramusic.com/site/, not only is he my brother, he is a phenomenon human!

If you come up to Saratoga Springs, please stop by Uncommon Grounds https://www.uncommongrounds.com/ for their great coffee, tea, bagels, etc., and catch a glimpse of my sister-in-law’s (Terri-Lynn) photography.  Feel free to make an offer and purchase one of her magnificent visual creations.

On behalf of http://newclevelandradio.net/, I want to thank all those involved in Charlie Eble Day beginning with Sara Craig and her crew at Café Lena.  The Mayor of Saratoga Springs, Meg Kelly (and if you are from the area vote for her re-election!)  A special thank you to the many musicians in the area that will provide their time, talent, and love for Charlie in putting this event together.  It is our way of sharing with Joel Moss how special Charlie was not only to him but to all of us!  He was Joel’s brother from another mother, and he will always have a place in our hearts.  To Charlie’s sister Patty – thank you for allowing us to honor your brother, not just this Sunday but for years to come as a scholarship fund will be set up in his name to train future production engineers the art he so loved.

Charlie may not be with us in person but you surely can feel his spirit in all of us, even those who barely knew him.


Getting closer.  Please start blasting this out on your social media platforms…especially the fact that it will be STREAMED LIVE ON CONCERT WINDOW so people can check in from anywhere, enjoy the music and contribute to this worthwhile tribute to our friend, Charlie.  If you have talked amongst yourselves and decided to collaborate, please let me know so I can make adjustments to the schedule.

Caffe Lena presentation, Sunday, May 19, noon – 5:30 pm

Noon                   Welcome by Sarah & Me – “Charlie Eble A/V Internship”

12:10                   Mayor Meg greeting and declaration of Charlie Eble Day

12:20                   Me and my sister Karen, story about Alex and Charlie

12:25                   Alex Hale performance to pre-recorded tracks

12:40                   Garland Nelson

12:55                   Vinnie Leddick

1:10                     Patty Urell

1:15                     Jonathan Greene, Sergei Nirenburg, Brian Melick

1:30                     Bob Warren and Mark Griffin

1:45                     Judy Wyle

1:55                     Ralph Pascucci

2:00                     Jeff Halstead

2:15                     Michael Jerling

2:30                     Will Severin

2:45                     Joe Bruchac

Chris Baker

3:00                     Ria Curley and Chuck Lamb

3:15                     John Nazarenko

3:30                     Tim Wechgaelar and Chris Carey

3:45                     Marcus Ruggiero

4:00                     Peter Davis

4:15                     Steve Candlen

4:30                     Rick and Sharon Bolton

4:45                     Alex and Garland

5:00                     Jeff Brisbin

5:15                     Group Finale


Pick Up the Phone and Call Us

Are you feeling frustrated?  Are you finding that today’s lack of communication through speech one-on-one is complicating life?  If not, I must be alone as I keep hitting obstructions, roadblocks, and have to recircle through the information.


There once was a time when business was conducted more directly, and therefore more smoothly than it appears today.  We are sharing too much information in emails and attachments that people do not read, but they think they have digested the information provided.  Often those emails are written in text format, and that can be confusing as the most important bits and pieces are left out of the dialogue.


Newclevelandradio.net, LLC is beginning it’s third in operation.  When we began, we only accepted payments in check or cash.  This past year due to the request of many we added PayPal.  We do not take credit cards as the cost would eat into any profit we may make, and we are still a growing business with little or no profit at the end of the year.  We are stable in paying our bills and providing a growing service to our clients and listeners; we are extremely excited that we continue to grow and provide our listeners with the information they deserve to hear.


As a communication company, we think it is necessary to have a verbal dialogue with our podcasters and their sponsors.  We believe our podcasters should be kept in the loop with their sponsors as this helps them work together to assist each other.  As a sponsor not only does your business name appear at the beginning and the end of each show (for that particular podcaster), your company receives the opportunity to podcast once a month with us to promote their brand and services.


We try to keep things simple here at newclevelandradio.net, LLC and we encourage you to contact us by phone if you have specific questions.   440-526-1530.

Some Body Said…

My father used to recite a poem to us (my brother, Gary, Joel, and myself,) especially when we expressed defeat or discomfort in a challenge.  The poem was a favorite of his by Edgar Guest, a Detroiter, called. “It Couldn’t Be Done.”  My parents especially my dad would not accept the words, couldn’t, can’t, or impossible.  He was the force behind slaying windmills, and he encouraged his family to do the same.  Slaying windmills is not an easy task as they keep spinning, often out of reach, but making the attempt and trying to do what is meaningful to you, was a lesson well taught and learned in our home.

I sometimes believe I was the slow learner of us three siblings as I have stated before I always felt inhibited and less worthy than others, but as an adult, I have taken my father’s words to hear, and I go for what is important in my life.  I found my voice as a podcaster, and I love the work I do, even when it is imperfect because I understand that perfection is not a reality; it is something to work towards.  Once we get to the pinnacle of the mountain, there is yet another path to take.  What goes up, must come down!



Today I scored an interview with one of my teenage musical idols.  It’s funny, but the first music interview I did in 2017 was with Larry Brown, who was once part of the Association.  Luckily for me, I did not know this going into the podcast with him, and I handled my fan panting to a minimum.  I had asked Larry to speak with me on our initial broadcast, and he agreed (I think because he knew my brother.) but I appreciated his talents and wanted to share them and then he told me he wrote “Cherish” with the Association.  (One of my favs!)


Since 2017 I have had the honor to podcast with many musicians, and talented artists who amaze me with their artistry, some are well known, and others are just known, but I hope to assist in sharing them with our listeners and beyond.


The lessons I learned from my Pops was to reach for the stars, and last week I reached out to Judy Collins, and today I scored an interview for June 26th at 10 am EST on newclevelandradio.net – http://mixlr.com/new-cleveland-radio/events/judy-collins-_five-decades-of-music.  My Dad once told me to not to be afraid to ask, and there are only two answers, Yes or No.  In life, we all have a 50/50 chance.

A Prince Was Born in England Today – But CHARLIE EBLE will always be our PRINCE


Two years ago as I prepared to send my brother Joel a birthday gift I learned that his brother from another mother had lost his battle with the ugly disease known to many as the BIG C.  Charlie Eble fought a strategic fight to overcome his rare and aggressive condition.  As much as he could, he remained productive and smiled through the pain and anguish.  However, May 2017 was to be his last hurrah, leaving behind a sad and grieving family and community that goes beyond Saratoga Springs, NY.


I have had the pleasure of podcasting with many individuals that have offered their memories and stories to be part of a library on a life lived well.  https://www.spreaker.com/show/charlie-eble-day-may-19-2019-cafe-lena


May 11th, 2017 as much as I wanted to send Joel (Joelie) a gift I could not think of anything that would make him happy now that Charlie was gone.  Joel and Charlie were introduced to be golfing buddies, but as the story goes, they became much more engineering, producing and creating beautiful music with so many.


Last year at this time I wanted to ensure that my brother Joel celebrated life as Charlie would have wanted.  As I considered many different gifts for him, what do you buy your brother who can afford more than you?  As I racked my brain, I was about to make him smile with a coconut cream pie, but when I went to order it the bakery in Saratoga Springs informed me, I was not the only one with this idea, so I scratched it and instead had a gift card for dinner for two at Mama Mia’s awaiting him.  But unbeknownst to him, I had begun a campaign with Brian Melick, Jeff Brisbin, and a few others including Marcus Ruggiero to plan this special event that will take place on May 19th.  Alex and I, (my son and Joel’s nephew) thought this would be a special way to remember Charlie and keep his name alive at Café Lena.  We wanted Joel to produce this event and acknowledge his own talent and love for his friend.


It took us many months to share our vision with Joel (Joelie to many), and as expected he went the extra mile including two of Charlie’s favorite eating establishments, Hattie’s and Mama Mia’s.  In addition, he reached out to Meg Kelly (for Mayor AGAIN) to proclaim May 19th, Charlie Eble Day!


I feel so blessed to have met Charlie and share in his life (not as much as many of you) and to know how special he was and still is.  It was the friendship that Charlie developed with my son Alex that helped him grow and become the wonderful young man he is.  Alex will be performing with some of these wonderful musicians on the 19th paying tribute to Charlie, Joel, and to Lena Spencer who created this special place, Where the Music Never Dies!


I hope to meet you all and remember to say Happy  Birthday to Joel on May 11th!

Charlie Wiener_K. Adrian Zonnerville


The last four weeks have been a joy each Wednesday, afternoon from 1 -2 pm as I hosted a podcast with Charlie Wiener (K. Adrian Zonnerville.)  I was introduced to Charlie in 2018 as someone who was not only a talented musician but a humorous stand-up comic, and a prolific author.  I have had the opportunity to enjoy his musical talents as well as a comedy routine.  As for his books, I have read three out of four, and I am ordering the fourth one today, “Z: One Family’s Journey from Immigration Through Poverty to the Fulfillment of the Promise of America.”

I would like to suggest if you want music, comedy, and great books to be produced by talented individuals like Charlie Wiener, we must support them. Attending a performance, buying their books and CD’s will keep individuals like Charlie providing us with entertainment beyond compare.


We R Family

Family, you can’t live without them, and sometimes you can’t live with them.  The Norman Rockwell family portrait is just one vision of what most of us wishes our family looked like.  However, the reality of life and our ever-growing global society often separates us from each other.  It is not just the distance in miles; it also includes perceptual thinking.  We no longer are living in small communities where we are governed by our family, following in the footsteps of dad, and maintaining the same traditions for decades.  The baby boomer generation has been the catalyst in making some significant changes in the family, and some are for the good and others, well personally I am not sure.

I am the youngest of three children and growing up the distance in age as well as sexual orientation separated us.  Being the female girl in a Jewish home, my mother had certain beliefs for me that did not pertain to my brothers.  Although we were not a religious Jewish family there was still the underlying belief that the males (my brothers) were more important than I.  Do not feel sorry for me because in no way was I abused or misused, but there were different expectations for each of us and even more so by birth order.




My older brother Gary was expected to be a shining example for his younger siblings, Joel and me, and when he chose to ruffle feathers, finding himself in the scheme of the things he took the brunt of may have felt like verbal abuse.  Growing up in the 50s and 60s is nothing like it is growing up today.  On the other hand my brother Joel, the middle child was encouraged to be the life of the party and shine his talent and brilliance where Gary and I may have lacked.  As I look back now, this must have been a burden for him, as none of us are perfect.  I, on the other hand, the baby and the girl was expected to be the princess (my Grandmother Jen labeled me that).  When dressing up in pinafores and fancy girlie dresses I may have given the appearance of one, but I too was not the fairest in the land.

My brothers and I grew up as close as we could with the age gaps of 4 – 8 years.  As young adults, we all lived in different states which meant that holiday time or Sunday dinners were not the traditional Rockwell Painting.  When we did get together, we united as families do and occasionally had some rip-roaring conversations that certainly did not resemble the harmonious family.  Yet, we created our own music despite some off-key tones, even my brother Joel couldn’t always engineer our voices melodically.

I love my brothers, and I cherish the times we have had, and hopefully, the future will provide us additional opportunities to break bread and celebrate like the one in the above painting.  Today I celebrate my love and concern for my brother Joel.  Despite the fact he says his eye surgery is fairly routine and only sounds disgusting, I pray for a full recovery.  As families go, he had not shared this venture in life and only through a mutual friend did I learn of this event, happening as I write this out.  Mother, father, brothers, and sisters too often assume that those of us who care need not be told about these minor (or major) situations.  However, I believe when you are family by blood or adapted to be part of the circle, there is no need for secrets or protection.  It is time to put any differences aside and come together even if it is not sitting at the family table together!

Intentionally Making Changes

I am beginning today’s post to thank one of my newest friends.  Candace Pollock has been podcasting with newclevelandradio.net for a little over a year.  Candace is a certified personal coach, and mentor, as well as a practicing attorney.  I have been producing her show, The Intentionality Gurus, since March 2018, https://www.spreaker.com/show/the-intentionality-gurus-candace-2018-19.  Working with Candace has opened my eyes to intentionally investigate myself and assertively help me resolve some of the issues that have held me back in life.  Candace does not judge or even advise me on what I may need to change, enhance or leave untouched.  What this podcast does is provide a window for not only me, but others to take whatever steps they may need to a more satisfying experience.


I shared with Candy yesterday that I have spent a majority of my life wanting to be you, or someone else, well still being me but in a “better package.”  However, wishing and hoping, as well as wanting, is not the same as making the attempt to change.  Candace will repeatedly ask me in these podcasts why, and how will that make you feel, and what does that feel like.  This is the intentionality piece where I am the only one who can answer, and my answers are important for me, they are based on my past, present, and what I perceive of the future.  Tomorrow is a new day, and the responses to those same questions may change.  Life continues to evolve and therefore go our thoughts and any needs associated with them.


For me sitting back is no longer an option.  If I want to lose weight, I must adjust my diet.  The loss of weight should be for me, although it may bring benefits to others.  (i.e., maybe I won’t feel so unattractive and therefore increase more endorphins.  The endorphins are the Happy Hormones.)  Maybe the changes I would like are less obvious but will provide me more energy and engagement in opportunities that please me.  We have all heard, “When momma is happy, everyone is happy,” well whether you are a momma, poppa, are just you, your smile and happiness is contagious!


For the last five years, I have been on a journey of change and exploration that is providing me with a brighter outlook on life.  However, these podcasts are what I need to be the best I can be even as I stumble and fall along the way.  I no longer look at mistakes as embarrassing and stupid.  They are learning tools that only open more doors and windows that allow me to expand my wings and be me.


The empowerment of B-U, B-Me is real!

My Life 2 Live

Life is about living not existing and if you are sitting around waiting for something to happen (good or bad) you are wasting your value.  We all have a value in this chaotic universe, and it is up to each of us to travel a path that defines us.  As a child, my parent’s tried to mold my brothers and me into the images that they thought would not only be good for us but would make them look good.  That was the mindset in the ’50s, ’60s and even into the ’70s.  However, when the baby boomers like myself started families, many of us took another direction.  In fact, many of us rebelled openly or silently during the ME GENERATION of the ’70s and ’80s.  We chose to change career paths, divorce more openly, and learn to find our inner happiness.  We still loved and respected our parents; however, maturity and growth introduced us to various pathways.


I was more of the silent rebellion, however majoring in communications when my parent’s expectation was education, was an obvious one that did not sit well with my mom and dad.  What women/female was ever going to make in the broadcasting/communications industry?  (I think they were short-sighted.)  I also chose divorce at an early age rather than stay in a loveless marriage, and I ended up re-marrying someone of a different faith!  (Again, this was not the path my momma and pop had wished for me.)  My parent’s watched me struggle with my identity from an early age on, never fitting in where I wanted to be accepted, and often feeling the “Oh woe is me syndrome.”  I never felt smart enough, pretty enough, or anything enough.  I worked hard to prove that I was acceptable,  but not to myself, to everyone else.


Today I am living for me while engaging with those I love, like, and want to meet.  There is a limitless amount of experiences, and I am not going to waste what minutes, hours, days I have left dreaming about the person I want to be.  Not every moment will be filled with excitement or joy, but I will learn to accept heartache and sorrow as my stepping stones throughout this journey.