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Yesterday I noticed someone (who I barely know) had posted that for his birthday donations to Autism Speaks would be kindly accepted. I privately messaged him and shared the following:
For almost 8 + years, my son and I supported Autism Speaks locally as well as at various walks, not local. We did so on our time and our dime, however, the more we helped them, the less we were acknowledged. We were not looking for a pat on the back, but we wanted to be heard because as the phrase goes, “Autism Speaks in Listening,” however they aren’t. They are just another 501c3 that pushes their volunteers to go out and raise money for the organization. The funds, in theory, are being assessed for research but how much of that money is going into salaries, and other upfront costs. The majority of families soliciting funds are scrapping by taking care of their children. Very little money donated to Autism Speaks goes toward helping individuals on the spectrum and families. “Only 1.6% of Autism Speaks’ budget goes towards the “Family Service” grants that are the organization’s means of funding services.”

When Autism Speaks about the spectrum, they dramatize the lowest end of the lineage, and they are ignoring those that may need it the most, the high functioning. And their counterparts may teeter-totter on the line. Out of 26 members on the board of Autism Speaks, only two are identified on the spectrum., and one may not have any connection to the malady known as Autism!

My son Alex pointed out to the local board that it was time to stand up to this organization and stop portraying individuals that have Autism as mysterious and frightening people. He was speaking for all and suggesting it is time to be aware of the realism that is associated with the Spectrum Disorder. It is also time to understand the mixed-bag of diagnosis labels given to children who grow up to be adults. If we assume Autism is mysterious, and we are frightened by their unique qualities, consider how they may be looking at the rest of the world. Who says we are normal and they are not?

My son Alex was once told he would not amount to anything by a local psychiatrist here in the Cleveland, Ohio area. Well, Alex proved her wrong, and he wants to help others escape the labels and preconceived notions. Alex has a dream (2 dreams). The first is to follow his heart and passion for baseball and grow within the MLB system. He will never be a major league player, but he wants to develop within the framework of this remarkable group of people. Also, he is determined to show you and the rest of this bigoted society that he and others weird. They may have symptoms of the disorder; therefore, they have unique abilities to function if we provide the pathway.

We must stop separating them and their families, leaving our communities disjointed. The value of their voices through art, music, sports, science, technology, and various contributions they can offer is invaluable. Autism Speaks must learn to speak their language and listen to their needs and wants. Do not assume that if you have a child on the spectrum, they will only have friends or acquaintances just like them. It is time to stop pairing one Aussie with another.

Alex is not in this fight alone. Here in Cleveland, Ohio, the brave and vocal John Keaney walks around this city with a sign that states his name and proudly displays he has Autism. Note, he has Autism, but Autism does not have him. John is able and capable of living on his own, driving, working as well as cultivating friends despite what some doctors and or scientist may have told his family. The word is out to stop the ignorance.

Creating a dating site for those on the spectrum is wrong! Get to know someone with Autism and learn how easy it is to love them. I fell in love with my husband 35+ years ago. I did not know what Autism was and neither did he, however as his mother said on numerous occasions, Rich marches to the beat of a different drummer. Although I agree, I learned to march with him, and last week we celebrated our 35th Wedding Anniversary. I am in love with my husband, who has Autism and functions like the typical population. Alex is living life as a regular individual. Isn’t it time we tell Autism Speaks to stop the chatter and listen?


A year ago, I was working out daily, sometimes too often and too long, causing myself some undue anxiety.  I continued at this pace through the early Fall, using our trip to NY and starting a new weekend job as an excuse as to why I didn’t have time or the energy to continue.  Along came winter, cold temperatures and snow giving me yet another “stupid” reason not to get to the gym.  While working out, I was more aware and in tune what I was feeding my body as well as experiencing the good feelings, often referred to endorphins.  Since the 1st of the year, I’ve been back but not consistently, until I chose to make it public that I am getting back into the groove.  The best way for me to get healthier and maintain my positive energy is by working out and eating correctly.  On Monday of this wee, I set a plan in motion to work out, treadmill walking at my gym, Anytime Fitness.  The first step was putting it on my calendar for first thing in the morning, Monday – Thursday.  I have left Friday, Saturday, and Sunday as off days, as two of those days I am on my feet walking for 3 -4 hours.  I know it is essential for me to share my plan to help me stay focused and reach the goals necessary for my well being.  I have learned through, “The Intentionality Gurus,” this is vital, for me.


We all can make changes that will enhance our lives.  It takes choosing to do so.  Don’t waste your minutes, hours, and days waiting for the right time, it is up to you as it was up to me!

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Complaining or voicing disagreement and frustrations seems to be the conversation of the day.  We seem to be in a contest to prove to ourselves and others how tough we have it, even if it’s a half-hearted dialogue that sounds like a five minute bit for an open mic night.  However, you don’t think it’s funny, and in truth, the person(s) listening may be thinking, wait till you hear what I have to say!



The person(s) are not listening they are waiting to pounce on you with, wait till I tell you what happened to me, or did you know…?







Tuesday, July 9th, Melinda Smith, the host of Heart Mojo and her guest Marc Alu recorded the monthly podcast of Heart Mojo  Melinda is an inspiration to many not only is she a cancer survivor, but she is also a survivor of many aspects of life, and she motivates herself through sharing, caring, and compassion for life (her’s and yours!)  Her guest Marc Alu is a two time survivor of cancer amongst life challenges.  His first go-round to reach cure/remission was not enough to make this simple, talented man smile.  As he faced his cancer demon for a second time, he radically changed his life physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Marc is a drummer and not only does he play in his band, but he is also associated with:

Drummer at Tracy Marie, Drummer at Graffiti, Drummer at Run Avril Run, Drummer at Reality Tour, Drummer at USA Country, Drummer at The Feedbacks Band; Cleveland Ohio


As we sat in the small home studio of and discussed life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, I realized that millions of people are missing out on appreciating the life they have.  You have heard we only get one, at least one in this form.  It should be our mission to make our lives the best we are able without creating earth quacks, tsunamis, tornados, or unneeded rain!  To do so, we must look at the bright side of life.  We have too many cancers in this world, and that way to remain healthy is to remove the toxicities that are destroying us physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

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Depression is a STATE of Mind_Let’s Talk

Good morning world!  As I shared yesterday, depression is a state of mind, and often the answer as to why we are feeling down, blue, and sometimes worthless is unexplainable.  The feelings of despair are often like a rollercoaster they sweep us up and down until we reach a calm.  Learning to journal and vocalize my thoughts has been my happy tool even when I sit here crying as I type the words on the screen.  However, it cleanses me and allows me to be more aware of the changes that I feel both physically and emotionally.



I have identified myself as an open book, too often wearing my heart on my sleeve, but I am OK with that.  It is my life and the way I choose to live it to the fullest.  Join me in this conversation as I begin a new podcast with YOU about Empowering Yourself to FEEL!  Let us mentor each other through the process, taking a journey with new adventures to fulfill ourselves.




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U Are Not the ONLY ONE facing DEPRESSION

For some families, the 4th of July is for family, picnics or cookouts, and others it is still another workday.  Even if it’s not another workday, you may find yourself alone with no plans either by choice or not.  This holiday like so many others, can breed depression.  If you are one of the millions suffering today (or any day) face your demons and take a step forward into the light!




Depression is more common than you might want to acknowledge, and you are not the only with these symptoms.  Yes, indicators that may be causing you to feel down, worthless, empty, and utterly despondent.  Statistically, 1 out of 15 adults experiences this sense of sadness annually.  If you are one, it is essential to acknowledge it, embrace it, and get the assistance you may need.





I have been experiencing depression most of my life.  However, while I was still living at home under the roof of my parents, their answer to this malady was to keep my chin up.  It is easier said than done, and without the proper tools, it may be impossible.  For me, it was all about reliving my feels and crying over my woes.  Once I was cried out, I was too exhausted to feel miserable, so I put on my happy face and attempted to find the smile behind my mask.




After suffering for almost 64 years, I began to acknowledge my demons in the winter of 2014.  Many of those demonic fears were self-imposed and yet I was unaware of that at the time.  My journey began by acknowledging I was ill as I took sick leave from my corporate job that I loved; however, the environment was toxic for me.  It was with this acknowledgment that I sought help.



Help came through therapies, including psychologically, medically, and spiritually.  What I have learned is I am OK!  Being OK does not mean perfect.  It is the imperfections that make me special, unique, and astonishing.  The opinion of others is not what should define me.  This five plus year journey has taught me to be true to myself.  It is not always comfortable.





Stepping out of my comfort zone was difficult, but I wanted to witness the amazement of loving life.  These words are spoken and sung in various ways.  Demi Lovato sings about finding the love and self-confidence inside yourself before you seek acceptance from anyone else.






Join me as I continue to share my journey, tell me about yours, and let’s create a safe and loving world.  It’s time to become more aware of our needs while accepting that we are not alone.  Hold out your hand and acceptance the guidance.






Depression is not a cookie cutter illness, nor is the treatment.


Today is the last Friday in June 2019, half of 2019 is behind us, but there is always today, and tomorrow will come!  I used to be a worry-wart trying to accomplish tomorrow’s business today just so I could have a day off; however, if you do that daily, you never take time off.  Without taking the time to recuperate, refresh, and recharge each task often gets more complicated, and internal resentment builds up.  (At least it did for me.)  While I was so busy living for tomorrow, I was not fulfilling my own needs and reaching my potential.




They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, while I am not a dog, nor am I old in mind and spirit.  Therefore I have been able to venture down a new fork in the road and experience this thing we call life.  It is precious, and embracing it with all my heart and soul has allowed me to develop into a more empowered happier me.





I challenge you to ask yourself one question, are you happy with yourself?  Do not criticize yourself when you answer honestly.  Take your answer(s) and take a gamble on walking down a new path today.  Instead of going straight turn right or turn left.  Witness the landscape and breath in the newness.  Feel what you see, feel what you hear, and feel from the depths inside.  Experience those feelings that may have gone dormant while living for tomorrow instead of for today.




No judgments.  We are all on a personal journey, and until you embark on yours as I have on mine, you will never become one with your body, spirit, and mind.


This is my opinion – Karen Moss Hale

Last night I had no intention of watching Part 1 of the Democrats Debate.  However, I did watch it, and I was amazed at the talent and mostly the compassion in many of these #WANT-2-B-Presidents.  I went into this not wanting to like Elizabeth Warren, thinking she had her chance in 2016, but I see a different person in her now.  She truly cares; she is the mom, teacher, nurse, doctor, and mentor that we need.  Yet I saw the spark in the eyes of others who I felt were also believable.  I have trusted Julian Castro since his introduction through Obama years ago.  I understood the use of Spanish and English in his remarks last night, however, when my grandparents and yours came here from far-away lands speaking in their tongue, part of becoming a U.S. citizen was learning English and be capable of communicating with all.  I am not against having a native language like Spanish, French, Yiddish, etc., but we all must learn to speak in the same language. We are a melting pot, and we must be able to blend together, bringing our strengths to the table and improving upon our weaknesses.

Personally, Cory Booker is another fine politician and human, and he reminds me of President Obama, and for my family and me although we had our own personal struggles during his period in office, we felt safe and optimistic.  The stats from last night say Booker and Castro were at odds with each other and this is something that we must overcome.  The Democratic System is about choice, freedom, and rights.  It is also about collaboration and not compromise.  Many of the #WANT-2-B-Presidents said it; it is not about starting a new project; it is about taking what we have and making it better.  Whether you agree or not, that is what the Affordable Care Act was about.  It was the starting point to help provide that all AMERICANS have affordable care despite their age and or income level!  Why should we throw the baby out with the bathwater when we can hold tight to the baby and reconstruct the bath temperature?

Tonight is yet another #WANT-2-B-Presidents debate, and I am sure there will be a lot more rhetoric being spewed, some real and like some else says, some fake!  However, we are still living in a free country where we can listen, observe, discuss, and make the right decision.

  • Healthcare is a given if we are going to grow and capable of living full lives.
  • Education must allow teachers to instruct, guide, and mentor, stop putting handcuffs on them, and education must be equalized for all no matter how economically rich or poor the community is!
  • The government must listen to the constituents, hear what they want, need, and require to be leaders in their families, communities, and beyond.
  • Stop creating wars, communication with our Ally’s and Enemies must be the focus and not threats that bring on retaliation.
  • We MUST face the fact we are killing mother earth, and we have the ability to stop it. New innovations are at our fingertips, and these skills can be taught and change both the political and natural resources climate.

Before my mother died in 2016, I promised her that Donald Trump would not be elected.  Sadly, I could not keep my promise.  Many people enjoyed his promises about “Making America Great Again,” the problem was, it was already Great, and now it is in pain!  We need a new doctor in the house.

New Day Monday

Good Morning World!  Although we all may feel safe in the cocoon of our own home, family, and friends, there are many outside forces producing unrest and fear.  It is necessary for us, you, me, and all those we know to take a step out of our comfort zones and begin challenging the odds.





Whether you watched the ABC special last night of the “Flying Wallendas” crossing over Times Square, it was fearful as well as amazingly exciting.  Although this is not a feat for most of us to attempt, the concept of facing one’s fears and taking one step at a time is something we all can and should do.






Despite our political beliefs, we must find a way to collaborate and communicate.  The art of communication is listening and dissecting fact from fiction.  If we do not confront our distress of the real news and listen only to the fake news, we will not be capable of moving forward and growing.




On this first Monday of Summer 2019, find the sunshine behind the clouds, and be the change you want to see in this overwhelming world.  Take a deep breath and smell the roses, the rain, the freshness of life.  If it feels musty and moldy, this is your opportunity to light the way and clean up the remnants.





Empower yourself while lending a hand to those who may need guidance.

Sunday – Sun Day – Sundae

It’s Sunday morning, and some of you are preparing to go to Church, others are praising they spiritual leader on the golf course, while many may be sleeping late since it is a day of rest in some form of interpretation.  For me, it’s a workday, and I am spiritually inclined to engage with co-workers, customers, and some of the few non-customers coming through the door today.  The sun is shining here in Cleveland, Ohio as well as in many other cities across the United States.  If you have been affected by the bad weather of late, I want to remind you that you may want to enjoy what you can and pledge (all of us) to make mother earth survival able.


When the EPA was formed in 1970, almost 50 years ago, the mission of this organization was designed to protect human and environmental health.  Global warming and overpopulation were a very serious concern/and still should be.  The warming of mother earth is “gradual increase in the overall temperature of the earth’s atmosphere generally attributed to the greenhouse effect caused by increased levels of carbon dioxide, chlorofluorocarbons, and other pollutants.”  It is these effects that are causing the numerous weather pattern changes with flooding rains, erosion of the lake and seashores, forest fires, and so much more massive destruction.


We can truly make our world for a lifetime and beyond safer, cleaner, and less destructive.  We need to stop all the waste!  Once there was a time, we were less disposable.  However, modern technology has taught us some bad lessons, throw it out if it’s not working to your standards; this includes the tangible and nontangible items in life.  Not only have things been sent to landfills, but able-bodied Americans have been forced out of work waiting and wondering, “What Next?”  Too many Americans of all ages are sitting on disposable islands because they are not perfect.  I ask you, who defines perfection?


As you take in the sunshine today on this third full day of summer, make a promise to yourself and the mother who provides for you that you will do what is right in return.  Recycle not dump, compost, and a rich the soil for growth, and embrace and engage with those who need a hand to help them stand tall and proud.  B-U, B-ME, Become Engaged, and B-US!