Candace Pollock


Candace M. Pollock’s legal career gave her skills to help with the legal needs of people facing death or disability. But it wasn’t until her husband’s death that she realized that none of those skills prepared her for the grieving process.

After more than two years of deep suffering, she discovered the Grief Recovery Method® and began to move beyond suffering.  This motivated her to become a Certified Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist® so she could better help her clients and others as she had been helped.

Her ADRS training taught her that grief has many faces and can even be present with happy events like promotions, moves to new communities, or births of new family members because events like these require changes in familiar activities and relationships. It also helped her become more sensitive to the prevalence of family estrangements among her clients—a much overlooked and discounted loss often revived with each holiday, birthday, or other significant dates. Raising awareness of the many faces of grief and doing this podcast is part of her mission to help people understand the “hidden iceberg” of factors that drive how humans think, feel and behave through,