Who Are We Today

newclevelandradio.net was established for my son, Alex.  6+ years ago my mother, Alex’s Baube passed away.  This was a difficult time for all of us as I moved to Michigan to spend my mother’s last weeks/months with her.  I am not going to go into my mother’s illness to death journey but the path that Alex took while I was in Michigan and he was in Ohio with his dad (my husband). August 2016 Alex was able to identify the parenting skills that my husband and I had implemented from the day he was diagnosed with Autism (Aspergers).  His medical team identified Alex as a ping on the Autism Spectrum whereas his schools chose to peg him as ‘different’.  I believe his father and I became so embroiled to how the outside world was pulling us to identify with special needs and lessen our hopes for Alex finding his place in a society that identified him as ‘odd’.

In 2014 we established a sports podcasting format for Alex and he flourished when on the mic and talking SPORTS.  In 2016 when my mother died she left a small nest egg that my brother’s and I shared.  We took our share and developed newclevelandradio.net for Alex and Sports Talk, however, shortly after establishing this format Alex went to work for the Guardians (at that time Indians).  Alex had to change his format and slowly weaned himself away from newclevelandradio.net and I began developing our growing format you are enjoying today.

Over the years we developed the belief “IMPOSSIBLE = I’M POSSIBLE” and Alex took a path that allowed him to prove to others what he knew, if you believe you can do something, you can!  And he has…

There is so much more to Alex’s story that includes individuals from the Autism Community assuming that Alex only needed friends, and dates with others who have Autism. That is not true for Alex, although his best friend/brother is Anthony Ianni, also on the spectrum who played for Michigan State University Basketball team and played well.  Alex also developed himself as a support speaker and helping families understand that their children should not be identified as Autistic but living with Autism.  There is no cure but a being mindful of his unique abilities using them to pave his way in his career field.

2023 it is my wish to meet up with another writer and put together the story of an ASPERGER FAMILY!

for more information please email:  newclevelandradio@gmail.com