Not Counting Tomorrow with Karen Moss Hale & Richard Hale

After a year of the COVID Pandemic, I have invited my husband to podcast with me and discuss marriage, life, dreams, good times, bad times, and others in-between.  You see right from the beginning of our relationship 40 years ago – June 1981, we were an unlikely match.  I was divorced with a young son, and Rich was trying to live up to his playboy image of having a girl in every port.  We met a mutual friend’s wedding rehearsal and although I heard his name among the Bride and Groom, I had no idea of who he really was.  So when I mistakenly took him for the new Rabbi in town, I was soon to be corrected that he was best friends with the Groom and he was the videographer for the wedding, I was the florist.

Not only did I mistake him for the Rabbi, but I was also soon to find out that he wasn’t Jewish, and at that time that was a no-no for me.  However, after sitting with him at the rehearsal dinner and starting a conversation that extended itself to the wedding the next day, no-no started sounding like MAYBE?

If you want to know more check us out as we will be bantering back and forth and share our journey up to the moment, Not Counting Tomorrow!