Notice The Changes

As of Monday, April 9, 2018, is making changes.  We are adding more positive messaging programs including one with Vista Springs, an independent and assisted living community.  We hope to expand this podcast led by, Susan Nehls Krupitzer, to include some of the residents that have stories to tell and a rich history to… Read More »

Autism Awareness Day should be EVERYDAY!

April 2nd, Autism Awareness Day and to think there once was a time that I was unaware, maybe even a bit uncaring as to what Autism is or was. However, approximately 21 years the diagnosis of my youngest son revealed that he was Autistic (Asperger’s) despite the apparent signs were not glaring, yet they were… Read More »

What Does Baseball have to do with Easter & Passover

What an exciting weekend. Baseball has returned so it must be Spring. Therefore the snow will begin to melt, and the temperatures will soar, warmth is what I want and need. Not only is it baseball season again but for many, it is Easter as well as Passover. Historians, as well as many theologians, believe… Read More »

Just 4 the Spell of It our newest sponsor!

Whether you play Scrabble (c) or Words with Friends (c) Just 4 the Spell of It may help expand your vocabulary.  Two and three letter words may be the answer to your winning game!  Check this out at

A Life without Judgement

March 17, 2018 We use a lot of buzz words like “living life to its fullest,”” “being mindful,” “upcycling,” and yet do we really know what we are saying, and why? Living life to its fullest is essential, life is short, and we have only one (that we are consciously aware of.)  If we don’t… Read More »


  Daylight Savings – I am in heaven.  I need daylight and having more light at the end of the day makes me smile.  The concept of changing the clock, in my opinion, must STOP and the majority of us would enjoy remaining on Daylight Savings Time. If you are like most Americans, responding to… Read More »

Living Life with Migraines

Healthy Living with Dr. Mack & Staff will not be heard on Thursday 3/8/18, however, follow my journey and check out past podcasts at: Living with debilitating migraines but not allowing them to debilitate you!  I have been living this life for 50 years, and too often many believed I was either a hypochondriac or… Read More »

Body, Mind and Soul

Today I began week three at Brecksville Physical Medicine.  There are some days I hesitate to go in for my week treatments either because I am feeling just fine or I am feeling too “blah” to get up and go.  However, like anything in life that is worth having I understand I you need to… Read More »

Join in the March / Parade on St Patty’s Day

  Tomorrow, March 6th I will have the honor of interviewing, Autism advocate John Keaney.  Being on the spectrum does not mean the individual is unrelatable or incapable of being part of the norm.  Although Autism Spectrum Disorder may have you noticing the quirks that these individuals may possess, their quirks are what make them unique.… Read More »