Living Life with Migraines

Healthy Living with Dr. Mack & Staff will not be heard on Thursday 3/8/18, however, follow my journey and check out past podcasts at: Living with debilitating migraines but not allowing them to debilitate you!  I have been living this life for 50 years, and too often many believed I was either a hypochondriac or… Read More »

Body, Mind and Soul

Today I began week three at Brecksville Physical Medicine.  There are some days I hesitate to go in for my week treatments either because I am feeling just fine or I am feeling too “blah” to get up and go.  However, like anything in life that is worth having I understand I you need to… Read More »

Join in the March / Parade on St Patty’s Day

  Tomorrow, March 6th I will have the honor of interviewing, Autism advocate John Keaney.  Being on the spectrum does not mean the individual is unrelatable or incapable of being part of the norm.  Although Autism Spectrum Disorder may have you noticing the quirks that these individuals may possess, their quirks are what make them unique.… Read More »

Check Out our Sponsors

Without our sponsors, we cannot continue to bring you Sports as You Deserve to Hear them and participate in the talk! Also our many fine live and podcasted shows such as: #IMadeIt – Stop the Bullying When Is It My Turn – Families caring for their special needs children… Read More »

John Jones will be joining our Draft Party April 26th

  John Jones Please join us as one of our special guests at this year’s Annual Draft Party at the Basement in Sagamore Hills.  We will be introducing you to Cleveland Native, John Jones.  John is a former professional American football tight end in the National Football League. He attended the University of Pittsburgh. He played tight end with the Baltimore… Read More »

Join Us on April 26th NFL Draft Party

  Join us at the Basement Bar & Grill in Sagamore Hills on Thursday, April 26th for our Annual NFL Draft Party. We will settle in at 5 pm and hope you will join us for the evening when AFTER FURTHER REVIEW (  and TRIPLE THREAT CLE ( will guide you through the NFL Draft. … Read More »

Happy Birthday_ “A Coat of Many Colors”

Today would have been my mother’s 98th birthday.   I am feeling sad today as it became a tradition that I would be celebrating my birthday with my mom and sharing a cake.  However, for the second year in a row, I am not traveling to Detroit or sharing cake and ice cream with my MOM… Read More »

Join My Journey: STOP WAITING

After I wrote yesterday Post/Blog, I thought I was about to get a return of my migraines.  Although I was happy with the temporary results, I began guarding myself in anticipation of the pain, pounding, and discomfort.  However, this time I did something a bit different.  I kept that little voice available in my head… Read More »

Follow My Treatment _ No Headache_Despite a Careless Accident

On Thursday, 2/22/18 I started a new treatment for my migraines. As I have shared previously, I have been a migraine sufferer for approximately fifty years. ( – Karen & her headaches – The past few months have been harrowing and although I cannot say my migraines produced my anxiety and depression symptoms during… Read More »

Join My Journey 2 Reduce Chronic Pain –

Think positive – words we hear a lot. But when you have chronic pain it is often difficult to think positively! The pain can be so grueling, and yet on the outside, you can look just fine. In fact, at one time many of us who suffer from chronic pain were labeled “hypochondriacs.” Although, some… Read More »